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2010-06-22 12:31:43 by YoYoClock

I have encountered many today

Hello; My Shitty Laptop

2007-07-18 15:31:42 by YoYoClock

So I'm liking the new site. Not only has it made NG nicer to browse, but it has motivated me to make flash. The one problem with this is that the sound input on my shitty laptop is broken, so I can get no sound whatsoever out of it. I've no money to get it fixed either. This means I can't watch flash or other video, or make flash itself.

Which is shit.

Hopefully, I will either find a way to fix it or get a new computer coz I've filled up the hard drive of this one anyway. Then I shall be on my way to making some cartoons, and making my new userpage look decent if not respectable if not impressive.

Let's hope so